Monday, April 4, 2016

Apple iPhone SE compared to the iPhone 5S in the multitasking test

As is known, the new iPhone SE externally is a copy of the iPhone 5S, but in terms of specifications - the flagship iPhone 6S. The iPhone SE installed dual-core 64-bit processor A9 and 2 GB of RAM LPDDR4, in last year's models. iPhone 5S, by comparison, received A7 dual-core processor and only 1GB of RAM type LPDDR3. Resource 9to5Mac decided to compare how much influence the doubled amount of RAM in everyday use smartphone.

it was decided to test devices to check the behavior when opening a large number of tabs in Safari. As expected, iPhone SE copes with this task much better than its predecessor. iPhone 5S started much faster to reload your open tabs, while the iPhone SE held them open in memory. The increased amount of RAM also allows more applications to run in the background.

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