Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The first official details about the Android N

Google has released for developers a test assembly of the new version of Android. Traditionally, to test Android N are the owners of Nexus line of devices, including Nexus 5X, 6, 6P, 9, Nexus Player Get, and the Tablet PC Pixel C. The new version of Android Google developers have prepared a lot of innovations. One of the most anticipated is the emergence of a multi-mode, allowing simultaneous work with two apps on the screen of the smartphone or tablet.

Launch a multi-mode made from a menu of running programs. Every application that supports this feature, indicated by a special icon, clicking on which you can open it on half the screen. You must then select the second application. Developers will be able to specify a minimum size below which the program will not be reduced in the separation of the screen.

Zooming in-app and rotate from portrait to landscape orientation to be performed automatically. Also it appeared Mode "picture in picture", by which software can be minimized to thumbnail to the right of the screen.

Another innovation was the Android N redrawn Center notifications. Now the user can access immediately and to incoming notifications, and some quick settings. Pulling below will open a full menu of fast settings. Move toggle settings can be as easy as application icons on the desktop.

In addition, developers will be able to make notifications more functional thanks to the new API. For example, a text message will be responsible directly from the notification center, as implemented in Google Messenger and Hangouts.

In the last year, Google introduced Doze mode, which at the time of inactivity the device reduces power consumption, but also limits battery consumption is rarely used applications. In this feature Android N finalized and now Doze mode always works when the device screen is off (before the phone or tablet was supposed to be at rest). This means that the devices will be less on Android discharged not only at night but also during the day when they are in their pocket or simply not in use. In addition, the Android N increased performance devices with a small amount of RAM and the optimized management of applications in the background.
With Android N Google has introduced a new mode Data Saver, which, as the name suggests, helps to save the mobile Internet traffic.When enabled, the system blocks the use of background data applications wherever possible. For example, it will be limited to the data rate for streaming, offline precaching and so on. The user can choose his application that will run in normal mode when you turn on Data Saver. Previously, this feature can be enabled only in the Chrome browser.

Google also implemented a system-level function block and filter calls and text advertising messages. Prior to that, this feature has been implemented in a standard dialer for Nexus smartphones.
The Android N returned to the "night" mode, which first appeared in the Android M Developer Preview, but to release it for unclear reasons, was removed. Enable this function in System UI Tuner hidden settings section you want to unlock a long retention settings button. But Google is not just a back that was in beta Android M, and added new features. Now you can put a dim night mode by location and time of day. Night mode will be activated when the sun sets in the current location of the user. You can also include a red filter, which reduces the amount of blue light, making the eyes less tired when working with the device. When the night mode, you can also activate the automatic lowering screen brightness.

Among other changes worth noting that Android N appeared Java 8. Support Google also launched a program Android Beta Program, which allows developers to receive updates of test assemblies "in the air". Sign up for Android Beta Program on the official site .Especially for developers Google offers a tablet computer with Pixel C $ 150 discount.

Later it will be released a public beta Android N for everyone. The official release of the new operating system will take place between June 21 and 21 September. This is stated in the official blog for developers.

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