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Apple patents a new generation of Smart Connector

In the autumn of last year, Apple introduced the Tablet PC iPad Pro, which became the company's first device with a special connector Smart Connector, which is intended to connect an external keyboard. According to a new patent published by the US Trademark Office, Apple is developing a new generation of optical connector, which may appear in future models iPad, iPhone, MacBook and other corporate units. According to the disclosure, a connector is practically not released and the housing can serve not only for connecting external accessories, and charging.

Apple wants to Smart Connector new generation has been virtually invisible. In the patent states that the connector consists of many invisible holes through which will pass the optical signal. By using such a compound can not only connect external accessories or perform exercises, but also to perform data transmission, consuming less power than in the case of Bluetooth.

The patent states that such an optical connector can be universal for all of Apple technology, including the iPad, iPhone, MacBook, iMac, as well as various accessories: docking stations, keyboards, game controllers, holographic projection systems, heart rate and other monitors.


Samsung can remotely manage Galaxy S7

It often happens that a user can not sort out any functions of your smartphone. This is not surprising, because in recent years, mobile systems, "overgrown" a large number of additional features and those who went with older devices, such as feature phones, is quite difficult to understand in all this. Samsung understands this and updates the firmware application Samsung +, so that now the owners of smartphones can get consultation of employees in real time.

Through Samsung + can call the customer support service or install video to Samsung employee could more clearly explain the decision of a problem. If the user in this case, can not deal with the problem, you can use a new feature Assist customer service representative can remotely take control of the device and correct any faults or show how to activate the desired function.

Unfortunately, Assist function only works with the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Voice assistant Cortana can transmit notifications from Android to Windows 10

At a conference for developers Build 2016, Microsoft has made ​​a lot of big announcements. It is learned that this summer will be released for Windows 10 free upgrade Anniversary the Update . One of the innovations concerns voice assistant Cortana, who with the help of cloud services will pass incoming notifications between all devices. So, a new message will be displayed on your phone and in the Notification Center on a computer running Windows 10. What is more interesting, this function will work even with devices on Android.

In the near future the notification center on Windows 10 will outwardly resemble Google Now service with the same cards, which will show various useful information: reminders, incoming notifications, messages, and so on. At the moment, Cortana can already sync reminders and notes between Windows 10 and Android, so the notification became a logical next step. Now, having received an SMS to your Android-smartphone, the user can reply to it from your computer to Windows 10.
It is expected that this feature will work in conjunction with the release of an update Anniversary Update this summer.



Apple iOS 9.3.1 fixes an issue with reference to the iPhone and iPad

After installing iOS 9.3 users are faced with several challenges. For older devices began to hang on the activation step, but soon Apple released a patch that fixes the problem. Another  mistake was the system hangs when you click on links in Safari, Messages, Mail, and other proprietary programs. Last night and this problem has been fixed with the release of iOS 9.3.1 update that is now available "on air".
Apple ios developments are releasing new iOS system soon.

Users who installed iOS 9.3.1, report the problem to hang when you click on the links really disappeared.

Apple iPhone SE equipped with a battery larger capacity than the iPhone 5S

Apple has introduced the iPhone SE just 10 days ago. During this time, the unit managed to make out , as well as to test its performance in popular benchmarks. However, until now remained secret information about iPhone SE battery capacity. Today, and this information has been disclosed. So, the new smartphone from Apple, which has received modern hardware "stuffing" and the design of the iPhone 5S, set the battery capacity of 1624 mAh.

Recall, the iPhone 5S was the battery at 1560 mAh, while the iPhone 6S is set larger capacity battery - 1715 mAh. Comparable figures of autonomy of operation (in hours) are shown below:

As you can see, iPhone SE on many criteria surpasses the iPhone 6S in battery life, not to mention the iPhone 5S.

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Dash-i expand the internal memory of your iPhone or iPad with 200 GB

One of the drawbacks of Apple mobile devices, many users find the inability to extend the built-in storage with a memory card. To solve this problem will help accessory called the Dash-i, which debuted on Kickstarter. The device has a metal housing and is a conventional card reader that connects to an iPhone or iPad via the connector Lightning. With the help of iOS-devices owners can use them with microSD memory cards up to 200 GB.

Dash-i also allows you to transfer any data from the device to the memory card and vice versa. Additionally, through a special application to music, photos, movies and other files can be opened directly from a memory card without transferring them to your smartphone or tablet. This can be useful on the road, to record on a memory card movies or music, leaving the smartphone space for photos.
It's also used for transfer file from iphone to ipad.

Developers offer regular version Dash-i, which has only slot for the memory card, as well as model Dash-i Plus, allowing at the same time using an accessory to carry out mobile device charging.


Safari Technology Preview will allow developers to experiment with the latest technologies

Apple introduced a new version of the Safari browser, called Safari Technology Preview, is aimed primarily at developers. A test version will allow experts to not only get access to web-based technologies of the future and assess the latest features, but also to experiment with them. Safari Technology Preview can work side by side with the existing version of Safari, and the browser allows you to save all your local data, including history, bookmarks, cookies, and cache.

In Safari Technology Preview also provides the ability to synchronize bookmarks and history through iCloud. Externally, the new icon resembles Safari icon, but instead of the usual blue color purple was chosen. Safari Technology Preview can be downloaded today at the Apple portal . Safari download iphone

The new version of the browser offers improved support for JavaScript and HTML, as well as improved Web Inspector. After installing the browser Safari Technology Preview will regularly receive updates via the Mac App Store.

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