Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Voice assistant Cortana can transmit notifications from Android to Windows 10

At a conference for developers Build 2016, Microsoft has made ​​a lot of big announcements. It is learned that this summer will be released for Windows 10 free upgrade Anniversary the Update . One of the innovations concerns voice assistant Cortana, who with the help of cloud services will pass incoming notifications between all devices. So, a new message will be displayed on your phone and in the Notification Center on a computer running Windows 10. What is more interesting, this function will work even with devices on Android.

In the near future the notification center on Windows 10 will outwardly resemble Google Now service with the same cards, which will show various useful information: reminders, incoming notifications, messages, and so on. At the moment, Cortana can already sync reminders and notes between Windows 10 and Android, so the notification became a logical next step. Now, having received an SMS to your Android-smartphone, the user can reply to it from your computer to Windows 10.
It is expected that this feature will work in conjunction with the release of an update Anniversary Update this summer.



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