Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Apple patents a new generation of Smart Connector

In the autumn of last year, Apple introduced the Tablet PC iPad Pro, which became the company's first device with a special connector Smart Connector, which is intended to connect an external keyboard. According to a new patent published by the US Trademark Office, Apple is developing a new generation of optical connector, which may appear in future models iPad, iPhone, MacBook and other corporate units. According to the disclosure, a connector is practically not released and the housing can serve not only for connecting external accessories, and charging.

Apple wants to Smart Connector new generation has been virtually invisible. In the patent states that the connector consists of many invisible holes through which will pass the optical signal. By using such a compound can not only connect external accessories or perform exercises, but also to perform data transmission, consuming less power than in the case of Bluetooth.

The patent states that such an optical connector can be universal for all of Apple technology, including the iPad, iPhone, MacBook, iMac, as well as various accessories: docking stations, keyboards, game controllers, holographic projection systems, heart rate and other monitors.


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