Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Apple iPhone SE equipped with a battery larger capacity than the iPhone 5S

Apple has introduced the iPhone SE just 10 days ago. During this time, the unit managed to make out , as well as to test its performance in popular benchmarks. However, until now remained secret information about iPhone SE battery capacity. Today, and this information has been disclosed. So, the new smartphone from Apple, which has received modern hardware "stuffing" and the design of the iPhone 5S, set the battery capacity of 1624 mAh.

Recall, the iPhone 5S was the battery at 1560 mAh, while the iPhone 6S is set larger capacity battery - 1715 mAh. Comparable figures of autonomy of operation (in hours) are shown below:

As you can see, iPhone SE on many criteria surpasses the iPhone 6S in battery life, not to mention the iPhone 5S.

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