Saturday, December 19, 2015

Apple Watch can take half the market smart watches 2019

Research firm IDC predicted an increase in the annual volume of sales of Apple Watch with 13 million hours of this year to 45.2 million - by 2019. Thus, the average annual rate of sales growth was 36.5%. Analysts from IDC believes that in spite of the strong sales growth of accessories based on Android Wear (80,5%) of Apple will be able by 2019 to occupy 51.1% of the market. This Android Wear have to settle for 38.8% of the market. Experts from IDC believes that the increase in popularity of Google's mobile platform will be provided not only for manufacturers of smart devices, but also with the direct participation of manufacturers of traditional hours.
The company Pebble, according to IDC, will not win any significant market share wearable accessories. The reason for that will be a commitment to a simple manufacturer of smart devices with a simple interface design and modest price.
As for Apple and devices based on watchOS IDC analyst expressed very clearly:
WatchOS system from Apple, according to our forecasts, will lead the market thanks to the smart watch loyal to owners of Apple devices and a fast-growing base of programs.

Recall, Apple is not going to disclose sales of smart watches Apple Watch, so we can rely on the data on the number of shipments and rough estimates of the industrial analysts. For example, Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies confident that by 2017, Apple will sell about 100 million smart-hours. But Sir Horace Dediu of Asymco considers that only the first year Apple could sell 21 million watches accessories.

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