Saturday, December 19, 2015

Analogix start issuance controllers USB Type-C for smartphones and laptops

Company Analogix Semiconductor announced that the chip ANX7428 passed certification agency USB-IF and received a certificate of conformity USB-PD numbered ID 10970042. The family of boards ANX74XX combines integrated single-chip solution that can be installed in the smartphone, tablet, laptop or similar device implementation of process control data transmission mode DisplayPort Alt protocol USB Type-C. In this mode connectors USB Type-C, which is connected to the correct cable can be used for data transfer and DisplayPort for SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.1, as well as to power in both directions up to 100 watts. It is important to note that DisplayPort Alt mode is often used to connect 4K monitors and monitors the inputs HDMI, DVI and VGA through a special adapter.
Fee ANX74XX supports USB-controllers, Type-C, as well as USB 2.0 with the possibility of superfast recharge the battery. ANX74XX can also take control of up to four ports USB Type-C, making it an ideal solution for notebooks of all kinds.

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