Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sony is going to buy out Toshiba's manufacturing division camera sensors

Sensor Sony are renowned for their quality and high-end cameras used in smartphones of many companies, including Apple and Samsung. According to the report Reuters, Sony's market position sensors for cameras continues to grow. Moreover, the report says that Sony and other major Japanese Toshiba is ready to sign an agreement under which the latter will sell its direction for the production of sensors in the implementation of the restructuring plan.
Sony imposes on its direction for the development and production of sensors for cameras high hopes, and even announced earlier this month its intention to allocate it in a separate company Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. This will allow the Corporation to further strengthen and develop this business. Also, CEO of Sony said that they plan to quadruple the cost of semiconductor production to meet demand from large companies like Apple and Samsung.

The sale of the direction for the production of sensors Toshiba, Sony has not yet officially confirmed, but it is in the interests of both parties.

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