Sunday, October 25, 2015

How to use 3D Touch on the old iPhone

Difficulty: advanced. One of the key features of the new iPhone 6S is the support of new technology - 3D Touch, running through the display features of these smartphones. Recognition of several degrees of pressing in iOS is designed to increase the ease of use of both standard and third-party applications. While owners of new products are given, quite comfortable, native option, owners of older models have the opportunity to experience the potential of a new type of touch screens using jailbreak tweaks that support iOS and iOS 8 9.

Select options to launch the application

Open Cydia and go to "Search". Dial Forcy.
2. Set the tweak using buttons in the top right corner of the window, and then restart the Springboard.

3. Go to the desktop device. Swipe up on the application icon. After a short vibration signal will have additional options. For example, when calling the "Notes" will be asked to create a new note or sketch, when you run the "camera" - shoot photos or video.
Tweek supports this feature only for some standard applications. However, the developer is constantly expanding the range of possibilities of its utility.

Using Options 3D Touch applications

1. Open the "Sources" program of Cydia, select "Edit" and then "Add".
2. Enter
3. Wait for the process of adding the repository, and then go to "Search" and enter UniversalForce.
4. Locate tweak and install it. Restart Springboard.

5. Go into any standard application (eg, "Photo").

6. Click on the photo and drag to the right. At that moment, when the top "thumbs up" photos appear up arrow, drag the picture up and select one of the proposed options.
Of course, only supported by some standard applications ("Notes", "Photo", "Mail", etc.). To function, you must get used to, from the first time comfortable to use it fail.

New tweaks give only a general idea about the possibilities of 3D Touch and usability of technology transfer. They will be useful for educational purposes only.

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