Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In the App Store found 256 malicious applications

Service code analysis SourceDNA found in the App Store a lot of "problem" of applications placed in the Chinese section of the store.According to experts, the application used to collect personal data, and does so without the knowledge of users. All collected data were forwarded to the server of the Chinese company Youmi. SourceDNA found in the App Store 256 applications using the same SDK. All of them were available in stores in a few months. During this time, the total number of downloads has exceeded 1 million.
Among the data that have been collected with the help of applications that have been installed programs list, identifiers of mobile devices and e-mail addresses.
Apple has responded to the situation almost instantly - all applications have been removed from the App Store. This was done due to the fact that the use of these SDK is contrary to the agreements on the safety and confidentiality. To prevent a recurrence of this situation in the future, the corporation will strengthen security measures and inspection applications.

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