Sunday, October 18, 2015

How to make a jailbreak on iOS 9

Difficulty: advanced. Released less than a month ago iOS 9 during beta testing many considered invulnerable to Jailbreak. It's all in the Rootless, which, according to the assertions of developers iOS, was to obstruct the change of system files. However, even before the release of the video began to appear showing the working jailbreak for the iPhone, and most recently Chinese hacker group Pangu has posted an update to its utility for breaking device.
The program supports iOS 9.0, iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2, runs on Windows XP and above, and also requires an administrator account. Of course, impossible to jailbreak non-activated devices.
1. Save your work with the iPhone. When restoring, it is desirable not to use backup and download their own content on the device required.
2. Restore the device using iTunes. To do this, open the program, go to the menu of the device and click "Restore" and confirm the action.
3. Download Pangu9 (jailbreak utility) on the Download link on the official website of the developer.

4. Run the utility.
5. Activate the device after recovery.
6. Connect the device to your computer, open the program and click Start.

7. Disable the "Find iPhone», if it has been activated. To do this, go to "Settings» - iCloud, go to the "Find iPhone», turn off the option and confirm the password Apple ID.

8. When prompted, turn on the program "Airplane." The device will automatically reboot.

9. After rebooting, re-enable the "Airplane."

10. Unlock the device and change to the newly installed application Pangu, confirm access to him.

11. The process is automatic. iPhone will reboot again, and then jailbreak procedure is complete.

Thus, you get a fully working Jailbreak for iOS app store 9 Pangu and .deb-package installer Cydia. Currently, many tweaks may not work or not work in this version of the jailbreak, however, experience has shown that the optimization of most of them happen fast enough.

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