Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Android-version of Opera Mini appeared video acceleration function

Opera has announced that the update to the new version of Opera Mini for Android has become the world's first browser with built-in video optimization. Opera video acceleration technology reduces the size of video data by reducing the video load time and preventing possible buffering. In unstable or overloaded mobile network may experience delays and fast data flow while watching a video through the browser on your smartphone or tablet.

"Video Acceleration - this is a very topical feature for mobile video fans, as well as in cases where there is certain restrictions on your tariff plan, device, or mobile network If you enjoy watching videos on your Android device, but do not want it to effect on your mobile account. , then it is time to change the browser "- said Nuno Sitim, senior Vice President, head of mobile Opera browsers.
According to research company The Conviva, stop 75% of users watch videos of poor quality in the first four minutes, and 33% of users - for 30 seconds. Research Interactive Advertising Bureau also revealed that video download speed is one of the three most important factors for mobile video on a smartphone consumers.

Video optimization features in Opera Mini 15 can be included in the menu by going to save statistics, where it is necessary to switch to the high data-saving mode and activate the Video Acceleration is already there in the menu bar appears. There you can see how many videos have been optimized.
Also in the new version of Opera Mini developers added other functions to save traffic:

  • Opera Mini mode high savings will automatically disable data compression when it detects Wi-Fi, to take full advantage of high-speed connections;
  • before downloading, the user can change the size of images, for example, 2240x1680 to 800x600 pixels, thus saving data, and without breaking the file download in networks with unstable quality connection;
  • new feature allows you to scroll the page to scroll down a bit to the side appeared on the screen scroll bar for easy navigation through long articles and web pages.

Download the new version of Opera Mini is already possible in the Play Store.
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