Tuesday, February 23, 2016

MediaTek Helio P20 first taught to work with RAM LPDDR4X

The company officially unveiled the MediaTek processor Helio P20. It is characterized by high energy efficiency, at the same time contains eight working cores, which give the performance at the level of the top solutions. Compared to the familiar chip P10, in Helio P20 to 25% improved power efficiency with the support of the latest 16 nm process technology and FinFET + RAM LPDDR4X standard.The cores ARM Cortex-A53 architecture running at speeds up to 2.3 GHz, and the new ARM Mali-T880 MP2 graphics chip operates at 900 MHz, "pulling" launch any application, or video games even at high settings.

the most advanced process technology 16 nm FinFET + from TSMC, which guarantees a significant increase in productivity and reduction in energy consumption was used when creating the company Helio P20. The internal comparative tests of processors in applications-Javascript is shown that process technology based on 16-nm chips retain 15% more battery power at the end of the test time than the previous-generation processors.
MediaTek Helio P20 - the world's first chipset with support for standard memory LPDDR4X. RAM LPDDR4X provides 70% more bandwidth than LPDDR3, which gives even greater responsiveness and smoothness of the smartphone interface when working with the camera and video, as well as in games. Furthermore, the new standard for memory 20% more energy efficient because of the previous work with a lower voltage.
Following the global trend of intensive growth of LTE-networks, Helio P20 is equipped with extensive support for advanced mobile technologies. The chipset is capable of operating in FDD networks and TDD (release 10) all common bands corresponds to the standard LTE Cat. 6 (data transmission / reception speed 300/50 Mbit / s) and the carriers supported aggregation scheme 2x20 MHz.Smartphones equipped with the chipset Helio P20, will be able to support data and voice on two SIM-cards simultaneously, where one SIM-card will work with the LTE, and the second with the WCDMA-networks.
Another feature of P20 - a processor for image processing (ISP), using an architecture similar to the flagship solution of MediaTek Helio X20. This ISP with 12-bit color depth support to shoot up to 24 frames per second with zero latency (Zero Shutter Delay) and a resolution of 24 megapixels. Set MediaTek Imagiq technologies, as implemented in the P20, includes noise images with the recognition of different textures suppression system support matrices RWWB-type (twice as bright matrices with the traditional arrangement of pixels RGB), phase autofocus, as well as improved image processing hardware for more natural, vivid and detailed pictures. Chipset Helio P20 is equipped with support for displaying an image on two displays simultaneously DSI standard. Thus, manufacturers of smartphones and other mobile devices will be able to equip their terminals to broadcast images on the external screen.
"We have developed Helio P20, to meet the demand for thin, powerful and at the same time extremely energy-efficient solutions, - says Geoffrey Yu, executive vice president of MediaTek -. Customers are increasingly concerned about how long your smartphone will run on a single charge and what new multimedia features it has to offer. the MediaTek accepts this challenge with outstanding innovation. "
MediaTek Helio - this flagship family of processors, which provides high performance, outstanding performance of the devices on a single battery charge thanks to the weight of energy-efficient technologies and high-end multimedia capabilities. Family MediaTek Helio consists of two lines - Helio X and Helio P. chipsets MediaTek Helio X focused on ensuring productivity and advanced multimedia technologies, while the line of chipsets MediaTek Helio P - is optimized power consumption and the possibility of high-end smartphones in compact and thin devices.
Chipset MediaTek helio P20 will be available to device manufacturers in the second half of 2016.

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