Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cyanogen MOD help integrate applications with the system

One of the key features of the Android operating system has always been its openness and the ability to customize. It is through this firmware from the company are very popular Cyanogen. Cyanogen MOD today unveiled a platform that offers developers access to a previously closed to them, "regions" All Android, to implement deeper integration with the system application. For example, Microsoft has developed a "mod", which embeds Skype directly into the dialer Android, and with the help of Cortana voice can control the camera.
"We feel that innovation stopped operating systems or applications are deadlocked froze in place for a long time." - Said Vikram Natarajan, vice president of global partnership Cyanogen.
MOD platform idea is to give users more options than can give the 

application. Even in Android, which is a much more open system than that of iOS, there are "areas" of the system to which regular applications do not have access, like the aforementioned dialer or some elements of the lock screen. Cyanogen has already issued all the necessary API for developers, giving them the freedom to create their "mods".

Microsoft has also created a "fashion", allowing you to quickly write something in OneNote during a phone conversation. "Maud" by Truecaller not miss promotional messages or spam emails. The developers are endless possibilities. Vikram Natarajan assured that on the lock screen, you can even run games.

Support for "mod" will appear next month on devices running Cyanogen OS 13.0 and higher, and developers can already get to work.

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