Sunday, November 29, 2015

The scientist explained why smartphones are falling down the screen

According to the publication Daily Mail, the physicist Robert Matthews of Aston University derived a formula to explain why smartphones are falling down the screen. He calculated the angular velocity of the phone, drop down from the hands of its owner. According to the assumption of the scientist, the device begins to rotate around one of the fingers of the hand which the user holds it with the center of gravity of the machine is initially below the axis of rotation, which leads to a gravity torque. This in turn leads to the movement of the phone and makes it slide out of the hand.

Scheme smartphone represented as a rectangular parallelepiped. To calculate the angular velocity of the smartphone uses four parameters: the length of the smartphone - L, the acceleration of gravity - g, the initial rotation angle - θ, and the distance between the center of gravity of the machine and the axis of rotation - δ.
According to the researcher, this formula explains the reason for the smart phone falls screen-down. At the height of the fall of the famous smartphone using this formula you can calculate which side the unit will fall to the ground. According to his calculations, the probability of split screen smart phone goes down, if the finger will be in the region of the center of gravity. In this case, the phone in the fall begins to spin in the air and it hits the ground display.

The research was supported by the Robert Matthews Motorola, which recently published a report on how users often split screens of their smartphones. By the way, before Robert was able to mathematically explain why the sandwich falls butter side down.

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