Monday, November 16, 2015

Pagare straps allow you to use the clock Pebble for mobile payments

One of the key features of "smart" watches Apple Watch is to support payment system Apple Pay, which allows you to quickly make purchases in shops without taking the smart phone or bank card from his pocket. The Smart Pebble hours this function is not available, but they have the support of so-called "smart" straps. That is why the company has developed FitPay Pebble watch straps Pagare Smartstrap with built-in NFC and a companion application, allows you to make mobile payments.

Pagare Smartstrap creators claim that the straps provide the level of protection of personal data of banking systems. Even in the case of loss or theft of watches, no one can use them to pay.

Pagare Smartstrap not yet commercially available, but the developers are planning to launch a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter in January next year. Learn more about the project on the official site.

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