Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Japanese scientists have developed a "thrifty" 4K-screen smartphone

A couple of months ago, Sony introduced a smartphone Xperia Z5 Premium with 4K-display, but later it turned out that in fact not the device allows you to keep such a high resolution. In most cases, Xperia Z5 Premium displays a picture in Full HD. This applies to the system interface, applications and games. Features Display in full only used when viewing video and photos (in the relevant resolution), as well as using a smartphone screen as a viewfinder. However, in the future the situation may change. According to recent data, soon the market may appear mobile devices with "honest" 4K-screen TV.
To help in the creation of smartphones and tablets with screens sverhchёtkimi undertaken, Fujitsu, together with scientists from the University of Kogakuin. At the moment experts managed to create a panel with a resolution 3840h2160 points. The peculiarity of the new development is that the high resolution screen, it consumes as much energy as a conventional Full HD.
It is worth noting that scientists have worked in this area for quite some time. However, developments from Fujitsu will simplify the structure and make it suitable for use in modern smartphones. The creators of the new technologies promise that in the future they will be able to increase the frame rate on the new display of up to 60 units. Currently, the figure is 30 units.

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