Sunday, November 8, 2015

3RDi remove all the important moments of life in HD-quality

The company introduced 3RDiTEK unusual accessory called 3RDi, intended for shooting video in HD. Abbreviation 3RDi when read very in tune with the expression "third eye" or "third eye", which fully reflects the purpose of the device, which resembles a conventional hoop hair. 3RDi to be worn on the forehead, like a tiara as an accessory in the middle placed a camera that will record on microSD card all the important events in human life. 

Management 3RDi by means of a sensor located on the side of the gadget. Simply press once to take a photo and swipe will lead to the start of the video recording. The gadget is equipped with a microphone and an LED flash.

At present the company 3RDiTEK raises money for the start of production Accessories for kraudfandingovoy site Indiegogo. For the successful completion of the campaign to raise funds to developers required 250 thousand dollars.
Order accessories can be for 194 dollars.

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