Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Microsoft HoloLens $ 3,000

Microsoft has already been working on augmented reality glasses called HoloLens. As part of today's presentation by representatives of the software giant to share new information about the project. According to the most recent data, developers will be able to purchase the device in the first quarter of next year. The cost of the kit will be 3000 dollars. During the presentation, Microsoft also demonstrated a game that allows you to unlock the potential of augmented reality glasses.
Features HoloLens have been shown on the example of a game called Project X-Ray, which will turn the room into a battlefield. According to vice president of Windows Devices Terry Myerson, in Project X-Ray all holograms act like real objects. They can not communicate with objects outside world, but also with each other.
It is noteworthy that the technical characteristics of new items is still unknown. However, in Microsoft noted that the glasses do not need to connect to a smartphone or computer.

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