Sunday, September 27, 2015

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger Smartphone charging 30% for half an hour

Many smartphone users complain about short battery life of devices. One solution to this problem proposed by Samsung with its fast charging. This technology significantly reduces the time required to charge a smartphone, but it has a big drawback - the technology requires a wired connection. In this regard, Samsung has introduced a Fast Wireless Charger - fast wireless charging. The company claims that Fast Wireless Charger 1.4 times faster than standard wireless charging and reduce battery recharge time to 50 minutes.
Importantly, the device Fast Wireless Charger is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. To test it use an old wireless charging Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and wired Samsung Fast Charging USB. The smartphone has been discharged to 0%, and is connected to the charger, remaining all the time off. Every five minutes, press the power button, recorded interest charge.
As a result of this test Fast Wireless Charger is really quick charge a smartphone, which is clearly shown in the chart. For a 100% charge Galaxy Note 5 this unit took 2:00. On the other hand, a wired USB charging Fast Charging it took only 30 minutes. In any case, the results are impressive Fast Wireless Charger. Just half an hour a smartphone is charged at 30%. It is, in principle, what is required of fast wireless charging: the smartphone user to a 30 percent impetus for the completion of the working day.
Charger Samsung Fast Wireless Charger is available immediately and at Amazon it can be purchased for $ 67.99.

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