Friday, October 30, 2015

Microsoft Office Online has received integration with Skype

Microsoft has announced the integration of voice and video calls with Skype online service Office Online and This means that users will be able to work in your browser, in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote Online and there to chat via Skype, for example, to coordinate actions. Moreover, the whole history of the correspondence attached to a document on which at that time work was carried out, allowing you to then see what changes have been made ​​and notes.
"The integration creates a natural, collective experience. You can work together and have a conversation via instant messaging or video directly from the document. It is noteworthy that your history instant messaging remains connected to the instrument, so that the next time you open you can continue with right where you left off. Office Online is there to help you collaborate with anyone, anywhere, with just a browser. Now with integrated communication Skype you can make more and faster, "- said in a blog post Microsoft.
Innovations in Office Online will be available to all users worldwide in November through an account Microsoft. In addition, Word Online has been added to the extended panel for working with large documents.

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