Thursday, October 15, 2015

In Windows 10, you may receive an analog 3D Touch

Today, many large companies are working on the development and introduction of new technologies, and Microsoft is no exception. In recent years, the software giant's experts worked on a variety of projects, although not all forward-looking ideas were implemented.Previously, the company has worked on a system similar to the 3D Touch, but it was not implemented in Windows. However, according to recent reports, something similar may occur in Windows 10.
Recall that the 3D Touch from Apple is something like a right click, but the realities of sensor devices. The system detects a pressing force and a context menu that provides quick access to some functions of the application without actually running.
According to the latest data, a similar mechanism was found in the latest version of Windows 10 Insider Preview. With a long press the right mouse button, users can open a sub-menu with a set of quick action. For example, a long press on the Twitter-client invokes a menu through which you can write a tweet without having to run the application.

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