Thursday, October 15, 2015

Experts have learned to control Siri and Google Now at a distance

Today, smartphones are the repositories of a wide variety of personal data. And it can be not only photos or music tracks, and bank details. Therefore, device manufacturers and operating system developers are constantly working on new mechanisms of protection and the elimination of existing vulnerabilities. Together with these professionals continue to find ways to gain access to user data. For example, not so long ago, the staff of the French National Agency for Information Systems (ANSSI) demonstrated the hack smartphones using Siri and Google Now.
Get access to the smartphone specialists helped to not only voice assistant, but ordinary headphones. According to experts, the mobile device connected to the headset is kind of antenna.
French researchers were able to pass on the device to hack the signal, which has been recognized as a normal smartphone voice command. So hackers can send messages, make calls and run any applications.
The only significant disadvantage of this method is the small range: the experts were able to transmit the signal to 5 meters. However, such a simple and obvious way of cracking was surprisingly effective. Neither Apple, nor Google have not responded to this message.

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