Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How much traffic you need for a tablet?

Available in tablet LTE-module steadily transformed from a pleasant option in the requirement. Why wait until progruz page or disable the display of images, if you can comfortably walk around the web, without being tied to a cable or access point? On the other hand, mobile traffic to LTE-speed disappears right before our eyes. We decided to find out whether there is enough average user limited Internet packages, or all the same, "NL" for LTE - the most appropriate option. As an experimental tablet was made by Huawei MediaPad T1 10.0 LTE.
Communication and News

Chat rooms, e-mail, social networking tape - Today is the first thing tuned to tablets and smartphones. At the same time, referred to the application - not the most voracious. So, on the morning reading of 10 major news in the full version of the portal Lenta.ru it took 12.7 MB traffic. Mail that is viewed through the app Gmail, has spent a minimum of traffic - 680 KB read 20 letters. Standard application "Weather" five updates spent a paltry 18.6 kB. Tape application "VKontakte" also turned out to be quite economical - View 50 positions, half of which we have clicked to download the news in full, "ate" only 5.5 MB. The most voracious proved Instagram: to view a hundred posts in his belt (including 6 videopostov) spent 38.3 MB traffic.


What can quietly spend your supply of traffic, so it's online music. First, I think that one spends a little song, but in the end, on a droplet accumulates sea. So, listen to 10 tracks in the annex "VKontakte" (on average every 4 minutes in length) reduced the supply of traffic to 70 MB. Fortunately, there is a saving cache. Service "Yandeks.Muzyka" was more economical - 52.8 MB 10 tracks. The most ascetic eater turned to online radio. In his hour was spent listening to only 14 MB.


Video - the most greedy eater traffic. There need a Wi-Fi, or the unlimited tariff, or limit, but you use up a couple of days. Viewing 10 YouTube videos in HD-quality lasting about two and a half minutes each spent 416.8 MB of traffic. View ninety minute film in HD-quality online movie theater demanded 500 MB of traffic.


Web surfing can be different. It is one thing - view photos of seals and the other - to seek information for a diploma. It is obvious that in the simple text pages, where there are practically no image takes less traffic. An hour of surfing on these resources consumes about 50 MB. But an hour browsing the sites loaded with media files, consumes about 90 MB of traffic (if not built to watch the video). It should be noted that for an hour, we did not run through the pages, and lingered on certain materials, reading them to the end. Therefore, figures are approximate.


Online games are not spending too much precious megabytes. An hour into the game Swadowgun: Dead Zone volume of available traffic decreased by only 40 MB. Offline games that require short connection to log into your account and the account of the achievements (for example, Angry Birds 2), expenses, oddly enough, about the same.

To each his own

So, can the modern tablet user to feel comfortable with a limited data plan?

Assume that access to the network through LTE, we use only when there is no Wi-Fi, and spend at such occasional raids of about 50 MB per day for email, browsing and social networks. Let the tablet in this mode we use about 20 days a month. In this scenario, it turns out that we have enough gigabytes of traffic, sometimes we'll even spend not completely - it depends on how you will develop the circumstances.

If we do not want to think about right now is over whether or not the traffic, though, and sometimes we watch a couple of videos on YouTube and download any application or attachment in the mail, you need to limit more. Typically, operators have the option of 3 GB per month, and then it can be considered optimal.

And now count up how much traffic you can spend if you do not hesitate to use all the online opportunities and not to think about whether there is a nearby Wi-Fi or not; if you listen to music, watch movies sometimes, regularly go to YouTube and do not limit yourself to use the browser and social networks yet. In this mode, you can easily spend a whole gigabyte (!) In just one day. How can coming up in a month, - guess yourself. If you do not release a tablet out of hand, the choice is obvious - it is "Unlimited".

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