Tuesday, September 22, 2015

At LG G Watch failed to start the game for the Nintendo DS

Over the last year the enthusiasts have often used the smart watch on the platform Android Wear in their experiments. They run a variety of emulators, games for mobile devices and even desktop operating system. But it is worth noting that the use is not adapted to the small screen clock application is not very convenient. However, this did not stop the developers continue to experiment with the platform. For example, recently the network has video showing how one of the owners of hours based on Android Wear able to run on his gadget game with Nintendo DS.
Enthusiasts managed to set the clock LG G Watch emulator and run several arcades. The choice fell on Mario Kart DS and Pokemon Diamond. However, the game does not work very smoothly. Obviously, the power of Snapdragon processor 400 is not enough to complete the work the games at this level.

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